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August 11, 2012

The latest installment of my monthly Inveterate Media Junkies column M’s Spot. In this edition, I give my opinions of Marvel NOW!, ALPHA, some great one-shots and first issues that were released this year (so far.) Click the link above to enjoy.

This may be one of the most clichéd statements any comic book fan could make. Even so, the words also ring poignantly true.

Before I get into the meat and potatoes of this edition of M’s Spot, I believe I owe you all an explanation for my sudden absence. A couple of issues arose over the past month or so that required me to put my IMJ columns on the back burner.

Last month saw my work load unexpectedly increase. As a freelancer, I take work when and where I can get it. (Kind of makes you wonder how Peter Parker was able to get by as a freelance photographer for so long… Oh right, he’s a comic book character.) Once my workload started to settle down, my now ex-girlfriend wanted to work out some long-standing “issues” with me. After that blew up in my face, all I know…

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