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A TV Spotlight- ‘Wonder Woman’ Pilot

July 25, 2011

Well, since I’ve recently been made aware that the Wonder Woman TV pilot has surfaced on the Internet I thought I’d do a live blog of what I think as I see it. Here we go…

First scene: We have a young African-American boy running home. In the house, the boy has a letter from a university he nervously opens the letter in front of his mother and siblings to see whether he got accepted or not. He does, as they’re celebrating the boy starts crying blood.

Cut to, a news helicopter following a bald white male running through busy city streets while newscast voice over gives a description. The bald white male in the hoodie is being chased on foot by none other than Wonder Woman sporting blue leggings with the gold stars down the sides. Why the bald guy is able to out run Wonder Woman is not yet known. Up, she just lassoed him and is taking a blood sample before she hands him over to the police. She walks away from the scene pissed and a crowd of onlookers praising her.

Wonder Woman show logo pops up.

It opens back up with an on the scene news reporter giving you a play-by-play of what just occurred. Then a tracking shot into an office where we have a male executive watching various news reports on Wonder Woman even Nancy Grace shows up to give her two cents. As that’s going on we’re shown a small white jet with Wonder Woman’s logo on it landing on the roof top of a building that says Themyscira Industries on the front. In another newscast voice over we’re informed that, “Wonder Woman is Diana Themyscira who runs the multi-million dollar Themyscira Industries which funds her crime fighting operations.” A very Batman Incorporated kind of idea. On the roof, Wonder Woman is greeted by the male executive whose name is Henry (played by Cary Elwes) and secretary where she informs them that it was one of Veronica Cale’s boys and that he “ran like a cheetah.”

A break in continuity, from the start-up until before transitioning into the office building her pants/leggings were lycra but inside the office building her pants/leggings are latex and there is no reason given for the change other than this is a rough cut of the pilot. While she’s changing into regular clothing news commentators are on the television in the background making fun of her costume saying she’s crazy one of those commentators being Dr. Phil of all people. An interesting or confusing twist, not only is she Wonder Woman who is Diana Themyscira executive of Themyscira Industries but she has a third alter ego Diana Prince a very Clark Kent like persona. A glasses wearing girl next door who goes to her apartment, updates her Facebook, talks to her cat, and watches The Notebook. Which of course transitions to a flash back of her at a nice dinner with Steve Trevor where you find out after two years she’s breaking it off with him so she can move to L.A. in order to do some good leaving Steve heartbroken.

Back to Themyscira Industries where we have Diana’s secretary giving her a run down of that day’s schedule. Henry joins in on the run down, but all three are stopped by the mother of the young boy from earlier. Pan to Diana’s office where the mother asks if the man she chased earlier was on the same drug that caused her son to cry blood and put him in the hospital. Diana holds a press conference calling out that Veronica Cale’s performance enhancing drugs are the cause of death for several youth athletes in under privileged neighborhoods. Veronica Cale (played by Elizabeth Hurley) in public shrugged off the accusations while at the same time getting Diana’s goat by calling her an “action figure.” Then Diana’s secretary gives it to her straight that duh that’s what makes Themyscira Industries and to a certain extent Wonder Woman.

Commercial break.

Yay feminism. Conflict with Henry over how she didn’t sign off on the latest action figure because it shouldn’t objectify her. Up, another flash back as to why she left Steve. She gives Steve the old Spider-Man/Batman excuse that “I can’t have any loved ones because they maybe used to get to her.” Then when Cale shows up how no one broke out laughing during that staring contest between Cale and Diana was ridiculous.

Flying across L.A. in what I’m going to call the Wonder Woman jet because it is not invisible or has the ability to do so. At a hospital to visit the young bog Willis and to get information from the bald guy she chased down. Time to give the crocked senator a talking to. Willis just kicked the bucket. Dramatic music. Change into Wonder Woman costume montage. It’s juice head kicking time in latex panties no less. HAHAHA look at the wires. She just up and stabbed a security guard in the neck with a lead pipe! Cale doing some monloguing about how she’s met her match… I think not. Cale’s experiments revealed. Some exposition through a newscast again. Celebrations are had by all the employees of Themyscira Industries for her victory over Veronica Cale. It was mentioned earlier that a lawyer from the Justice Department was coming to Themyscira Industries to question Diana well it turns out to be Steve Trevor who is now working for the Justice Department. Steve tells her that his investigation found she was not working for the police, and that he’s married. Alone in her apartment as Diana Prince with the cat, updating her Facebook, and sitting on the couch watching another newscast delivering more expositional dialogue. THE END.

What’s the takeaway?

I think the one thing that was holding it back from being a great show would be there isn’t a clear enough direction for Wonder Woman/Diana Themyscira/Diana Prince character. I guess, therein lies the problem when you know the creators don’t know what they’re doing with the character neither will the audience. You can’t have a character say, I can do more, becomes a world renowned CEO superhero, and then have her “won’t” to be ordinary. It makes no sense to me. It’s a shame because it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great, but it was a pretty damn good plot.

It’s terrible that NBC picks up The Playboy Club and ABC will start airing Pan Am which are shows that basically portray woman as subservient or objects of sexual desire. Granted, those are period pieces and they’ll just use the excuse “well that’s just how things were back then.” Well what about today? Why can’t there be a serious show about a modern woman in a position of power as an executive of a multi-million dollar corporation who just happens to be a superhero? As it was pointed out in the pilot sex sells and I guess the executives at NBC just didn’t find Wonder Woman sexy enough.

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  1. August 3, 2011 3:15 pm

    Thanks for the overview! I’ve only seen the 6 minutes from bleeding cool. I think also maybe the executives might have thought, well Heroes is over and The Cape didn’t do well, maybe the time for Superhero shows as passed? Just speculating…

    • August 3, 2011 6:18 pm

      I could see that especially from NBC’s point of view, and thanks as always for commenting.

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