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Random comic book (related) thought #15

July 27, 2010

Wow it’s been awhile since I have done one of these, a Random comic book thought that is, but I’m not talking about a comic book in this post though. In this post I will be talking about comic book characters that appeared in a direct to DVD movie that was released recently.  Yes, I am talking about Batman: Under the Red Hood the latest installment in the line of DC Universe animated original movies. Of course Bruce Timm is one of the executive producers, Brandon Vietti directing, and Judd Winick on writing duties. This marks the first time Jason Todd is spotlighted in an animated feature because they skipped over him and went to Tim Drake in the Batman: TAS, but this film is not related to the Batman: The Animated Series or any of the other animated television series that Bruce Timm was involved with these new DC Universe animated original movies are meant to stand on their own and at the same time be faithful to the source material that they are adapting. The source material being the story arc in the Batman comic that dealt with the death of Jason Todd and the introduction of the Red Hood, and in this regard I think it does a really good job.

The animation is a little more detailed from Timm’s earlier Batman works, still has the same tone that you would expect from a Bruce Timm production, and fits the story as well. With the PG-13 rating and the fact that the producers feel that children will be the primary viewing audience the more violent acts are shown in shadow or implied, but did not take me out of the movie. It did seem like they were unsure of when to show blood or had limits to how much blood could be shown because of the film’s rating. It’s funny in one scene someone is shot no blood and in another blood splatter, but like I said it really didn’t take me out of the movie or kept me from enjoying the film.  

I felt the voice acting was solid and they fit the characters. Yes, even John DiMaggio did a good job with the Joker. I know a lot of people would rather have Mark Hamill, but like I said, DiMaggio did a good job, holds his own, and gives the character a personality that is at the same time familiar and what I would expect.

The dialogue between the characters and by the characters was great and didn’t feel out-of-place. Winick shows he has an understanding of these characters.

This movie made me like the Red Hood and want to see more related material with this character. 

As for the DVD it’s self, I got the two-disc special edition, and since I bought mine at Target it came with two extra Bruce Timm Presents episodes on the second disc. Along with the episodes and Robin: The Story of Dick Grayson were interesting looks at the origins of Dick Grayson/Robin character. With all DC Universe movies you get a first look at the next original animated movie and trailers of those that have already been released. Since this is the special edition it includes a DC Showcase Presents: Jonah Hex which is an animated short that is more entertaining than the entire 81 minutes of the Jonah Hex live action film. 

I would recommend this DVD if you’re a Batman fan or of any of the things I mentioned above.  

I may even watch this again it was that damn good.

Oh, and one more thing is Jason Todd’s dynamo mask super glued to his face other than that a good movie.

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  1. July 28, 2010 7:29 pm

    Interesting review.I was actually going to ignore this since I didn’t read any of the recent Red Hood comics,but I’ve read decent reviews of the animated feature so now my curiousity has been pricked (?)

    • July 28, 2010 8:23 pm

      Thanks Ed.
      I have enjoyed the handful of these animated original movies so I thought I would check this out because it was a Batman feature. I didn’t read the original Batman: Under the Hood, but the movie kind of makes me want to read it just to see how it compares. The only exposure I had to the Red Hood before this was The Killing Joke which was a element in movie, but yeah I might read Red Hood: Lost Days just to see if it was at the same level of the movie.

  2. Insideman permalink
    July 29, 2010 5:35 am

    I got my Blu Ray from Amazon two days ago. Now that I’ve read your review, I’m going to bump this up on my must watch list! Thanks!

    Have you seen the recent Wonder Woman animated movie? That was KILLER… With a take no prisoners attitude!

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