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A mini movie review- ‘Inception’

July 21, 2010

There is a movie that is killing it at the box office during a season that is dominated by sequels, vampires, and various other spectacles that are put out by studios in order to make a grab for your money, yes, I am talking about Christopher Nolan’s Inception. This is a film that will go down as the best movie of the summer. Inception is a smart, thrilling, action packed ride that takes a corporate espionage thriller, puts it into the realm of science fiction/fantasy, and it works. I don’t know how Nolan comes up with these concepts  that if handled by anyone else would come across as to whimsical, stylized, and would rely too much on CG for the dreamscapes that would take you out of the movie, but in Nolan’s hands this film comes off as real and totally enthralling. Because Nolan used a lot of practical effects the action looks real, and doesn’t take you out of your viewing experience. For a two and a half hour movie the film is well paced and keeps your attention till the end.

DiCaprio brings his A game with this character who’s emotional and mental state is affecting his work, the supporting cast of Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levit hold their own, and do a good job with their roles.

If you’re looking for an original summer movie that doesn’t need stupid gimmicks like 3D to sell it then this is the film for you. A visually arresting film even if it lacks emotional punch in some areas, go see it already.

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