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Random comic book thought #7

May 5, 2010

I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to getting around to posting this thought. I guess I’m not the only one to notice it, but I’ve noticed an increasing trend of crossover between comic books and other media (like movies and TV) that there’s been of late, especially on the eve of the release of Iron Man 2. It’s interesting to see the growth of comics making their way into TV and movies and vice versa, but I don’t see the growth in comic book sales and new readers as I see in box office returns and DVD sales. What I think it is due to is the fact that comics and comic book stores aren’t as easily accessable as film and television are, and possibly still think that comics are for kids and what they see on the screen is somehow a different take or something that is more mature than what they would find in the comic (as a comic book reader I know that isn’t the case). So, I hope that new technologies like the iPad will bring someone who’s a passer-by or casual reader into the fold and if they like what they see will get them to buy the printed copy or a collected edition (graphic novel, hell maybe an original graphic novel). I don’t think that technology is going to kill the industry if anything it will get stories in the hands of readers faster and if publishers are smart they will put at the end of those stories where readers can pickup the printed copy or a collection at local retailers or a book store chain. As someone who is a comic book and graphic novel reader I personally like reading printed comics, but I can see why digital comics are appealing. So, that is my thought on comic book/media crossover and my answer to new technologies and comic books.

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