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Random comic book thought #5

April 21, 2010

Just got done reading Captain America: Who Won’t Wield the Shield. This was a fun little book even if it did cost $3.99. Most people will find the Doctor America story the most interesting in this book (and I hope most likely will end up as a backup in Spider-Man: Fever when it is collected in a graphic novel), because it draws from 60’s era comic books and other counter-culture story teller’s of the era. It seemed like the kind of story Hunter S. Thompson would enjoy or even told if he wrote a Marvel comic. But, what I found funny was the Forbush Man story at the beginning and end of the comic, all the in jokes about the creator’s, the editor’s, and the company in general were kind of funny (emphasis on kind of). Especially, at the end when Forbush Man goes on a rant about what is wrong with Marvel and that made me laugh a little, because it reminded me of the kind of rant that the guys over at CCW would put up on their blog or YouTube channel. Which leads me to believe that Forbush Man is either Elliott or Jose (not really), and that Marvel feels these kind of complaints are a joke. (not to me) Yeah, so not bad for a one-shot even if it cost $3.99 and its nice to see Marvel willing to make fun of its self, and the bullshit that they pull in their own comics. It’s some what refreshing if not a little disturbing.

I really don’t like saying Forbush Man, damn it I did it again!

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  1. Edward2962 permalink
    May 1, 2010 10:23 pm

    Forbush Man!That actually makes he interested in this comic now!

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